Logitech Keyboard Blinking? 3 Common Reasons & 3 Easy Fixes

Logitech keyboards are well-liked due to their efficiency and ease of use. So, why does my Logitech keyboard keep on blinking?

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Why Does My Logitech Keyboard Keep Blinking?

One main reason why a Logitech keyboard keeps blinking is due to disconnections. If the keyboard is wired, its USB cable may be loosely connected to the CPU, and if the keyboard is wireless, the Bluetooth connection may be disabled. Other causes are battery charging issues and keyboard malfunctions.

Do all Keyboards have the same lighting Indicators?

Typically, all computer hardware components possess an indicator that blinks or flashes to alert its users to the device state.

A perfect example of an indicator is the light that pops up when you click the caps lock key on your keyboard; it shows its users that they can type using block letters.  

With the improvement in technology, the introduction of wireless keyboards created a need to have more indicators on the keyboard since there was an advanced way of connecting the device and other functions. 

Reasons Your Logitech Keyboard Is Blinking

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Logitech keyboard has various indicators that notify its user in case of a hardware issue. However, sometimes keyboard light indicators misbehave by blinking randomly, which can be annoying since you need clarification on the technical problem. Other times, the laptop does not turn on and will blink slowly. 

Certain devices will have more problems if the manufacturers did not follow due diligence in the manufacturing process.  

The following are some of the reasons your Logitech keyboard keeps on blinking and their solutions:

Keyboard Disconnection

One of the most common reasons the keyboard keeps blinking is its disconnection from the primary device. 

If you are using a wired keyboard, there is a likelihood that the USB cable is loosely attached to its port, and if the keyboard is wireless, the Bluetooth connection could have been disconnected.

Again, bad Bluetooth settings could pose a problem with the use of the wireless keyboard.  The malfunctioning of the USB receiver hinders effective network connection, and so is a faulty USB extension cable.   

For a wired keyboard, the first step is removing the USB cable from the port and inspecting for cable damage. If the cable is in good condition, try reconnecting the keyboard to the PC, and If the keyboard continues to blink, connect it to another PC. If the problem persists, there could be another technical problem with the keyboard.

Typically, a wireless Logitech keyboard blinks a blue light to alert the user that it is pairing with the PC. However, if the PC’s Bluetooth is enabled but the keyboard is still blinking, disable its Bluetooth connection and shut down the PC. 

Then, wait for a while and turn it on again. 

Retry connects the keyboard to the PC, and if the keyboard light still blinks after the connection, then connect to another PC. If the disconnection were the primary cause, the keyboard would stop blinking.

When you are using multiple keyboards, you will need a unifying receiver which could malfunction. Heavy computer users prefer a unifying receiver in order to replace the use of multiple USB receivers. 

Low Battery Charge

This cause commonly happens to wireless Logitech keyboards that use batteries instead of USB cables. Typically, a red light will blink randomly as a sign that you need to replace the batteries with new ones. 

You can also confirm if the battery charge is the reason by holding the FN key while pressing the F12. 

This function will make the keyboard light green to indicate that the batteries are still functional or red, that the Logitech keyboard batteries are low charged.

Malfunctioning Keyboard

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You will need to reset the keyboard if the keyboard is still blinking even after applying the above methods. Since different Logitech keyboards have different ways you can reset them. 

For instance, if you are using the Logitech K380, you will need to turn your Logitech keyboard on and press ESC and o simultaneously, press the two buttons again, and then esc and b.

The keyboards will show a white light which will flash 3 times if the reset process is successful.  

Other keyboard models will need you to deactivate the keyboard by pressing and holding the ESC key for 5 seconds, then deactivating it again for the reset process to be complete. 

If the reset process does not work, it is advisable to use the Logitech manual that came with it or go to the manufacturer’s website and consult customer care for the reset process. If your Logitech keyboard is not put in actual pairing mode, then there is a cause for concern. 

If the keyboard receiver fails, you can consider going to the device manager and removing it. Then reboot your machine, and proceed to sync it. 

The wireless keyboard tends to be more vulnerable to malfunctioning. Computer experts have the perception that the wireless keyboard is more delicate.

How to fix a Malfunctioning Logitech Keyboard

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Removing a Conflicting Software

Sometimes the reason why your Logitech keyboard malfunctions are because of incompatible software or application. 

Therefore, you will need to remove the program to fix the malfunctioning error. 

This method involves uninstalling each software installed recently, especially when you discover a malfunctioning problem. 

When the keyboard begins to work, reinstall each app to troubleshoot the software that is the source of the technical problem. When you get the software, delete it permanently and if it is helpful, find an alternative software and download it.

Note that if you turn on Bluetooth, then, you are going to place your keyboard in the desired pairing mode. 

Disabling the Filter Keys

Typically, the filter feature, which is present in Windows PC, enables people with hand tremors to type quickly and efficiently. 

When enabled, the feature can ignore repeated keystrokes since the system interprets the action as an error.

 This may interfere with normal typing and make individuals feel that their Logitech keyboard is malfunctioning.

The solution to such a scenario is to disable the filter keys by launching the setting in Windows and choosing the left-side navigation bar. Then, choose “keyboard” on the screen’s right side and disable the filter key function.

Using the Human Interface Device (HID) Services

The HID is software that helps to troubleshoot a malfunctioning keyboard or specific keys on the keyboard that are not functioning. If you wish to access the HID services, go to your PC and press Windows and s to open the search menu. On the search bar, type services and click the appropriate search result. 

Once you have located the HID, click on it and choose “properties” on the menu. Then, select Automatic from the drop-down menu, which appears after choosing the start type option, and click ok to save the changes. The HID service will troubleshoot your keyboard and enable it to function.

Key Takeaways

  • Logitech keyboard has got various light indicators 
  • There are various reasons why your keyboard keeps on blinking
  • Check your keyboard connection with the computer
  • Sometimes blinking may be caused by the keyboard malfunctioning

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