Can An HP Laptop Run Valorant? All Of Them?

You want to play Valorant with four of your closest friends, but you have an HP laptop. Can HP even run Valorant? Is there a way to check?

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Can HP Laptops Run Valorant?

The highly successful free-to-play shooter can run on almost every Windows OS computer. All you need is Windows 7 through 11 with adequate RAM and storage capacity. Hewlett Packard Chromebooks will need workarounds to play Valorant. Laptops with Windows are a better choice for this game. 

Since its introduction in 2020, Valorant has become one of the most popular games in the world. 

With over 2 million active users a day, gamers from across the globe have joined up to play this online free FPS. The response to the game has been so incredible that the maker, Riot Games, hardly knows what to do with itself.

The future is bright as more and more laptop users spend their leisure and sometimes work hours playing the game. 

What Kind of Laptop Computer Do I Need to Play Valorant?

Most laptops can run the Valorant game. 

The software works with any Windows computer from Windows 7 through 11, as long as you have adequate RAM and storage space. For information concerning the system requirements, please see 

For information concerning how to download a workaround for an HP Chromebook, see 

Valorant is not currently offered for Mac users since it requires Windows OS to run effectively. 

What is Valorant?

Valorant is a five-on-five free first-person shooter game where players select characters to role-play and join teams to attack or defend a bomb planted somewhere on the map. 

The game was released in 2020 and has become one of the most popular games ever released, with over 22 million players registered in the last year alone.

How Do I Download Valorant?

When you go to their website, Riot Games will ask you to create an account to download the latest version of Valorant. 

Simply go to their website and click “Create Account” to create your account. (The nice thing about this is that North American users are locked into playing with and against NA users). 

To download the game, simply go to Riot website and click on the arrow that looks like a broken “V” in the middle of the page. (Valorant will begin to load automatically). 

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How Do You Play Valorant?

If you played “capture the flag” as a kid, you have a general idea of how the game is played. 

Both teams are composed of five individuals who assume characters with unique abilities and skills that can aid in the game’s objective (to eliminate the other five players on the opposing team or diffuse the bomb (spike) that the other team is trying to defend).

Additional abilities can be found and purchased in the game (via the buy menu), and XP (experience points) and level-ups help characters grow in their abilities.  

The attacking side is assigned the objective of planting and defending a bomb called a spike. 

The team must choose a plant site, ferry the spike to that point and plant the spike. Once planted, the opposing side (defending) has 45 seconds to diffuse the bomb.

If the spike explodes due to the timer, or the attacking team eliminates the other five players, the team gets one point. 

Should the other team deny the plant, eliminate the other team players with kills, or diffuse the bomb (spike), then they earn the point. The teams play their side through 12 rounds, where they switch sides. The first team to earn 13 points wins the game. 

Currently, the game consists of 8 maps (of which seven are in play. RIOT started with four), which the players must navigate through. 

The maps are based on different locations and landscapes. The maps are intricate locations filled with buildings, streets, and hidden treasures. There are spawning areas and specific locations where spikes must be planted.

The maps are very involved, have excellent attention to detail, and are based on different locations. 

Each map tests the player’s abilities to think creatively while collectively attempting to accomplish the mission. There are skills to acquire, gun skins to collect, and many other things to find in your inventory. 

The game randomly assigns a map at the beginning of the game, so it behooves players to have some experience with each map, which can only be done effectively through playing.

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What is the Backstory of Valorant?

The scenario of Valorant is set in the future. A life-changing event occurs, covering the entire planet and transforming technology based on the discovery of a substance called Radianite. 

Some inhabitants of the earth (Alpha Earth) exhibit supernatural abilities with exposure to this new substance. 

The Kingdom Corporation (an multi-national organization gets control of Radianite and uses it to gain control of most of the planet. The new substance powers ¾ of the world, and the new technology destroys the innocent homelands of many people. 

While the Kingdom Corporation seems bent on world domination, not everyone is convinced that so much power should be in the hands of so few, and those who don’t trust the status quo form a resistance group. 

Unfortunately, there is another threat to contend with: from a Mirror Earth in a parallel universe that just happens to be running out of Radianite.

These mirror agents travel to Earth and try to steal the substance through the use of spikes. 

The attackers are the invaders trying to plant a spike and steal the power source of our world, and the defenders are the agents from our world trying to keep that from happening. 

There is much more to the game regarding details and agent abilities (some have personal agendas), but you get the drift.

You can read the entire lore story online for more information concerning the backstory of this popular game. (There are about a million sites to choose from).

Key Takeaways

  • Most HP laptops can run Valorant.
  • Valorant is a five-on-five shooter where teams defend and attack a spike.
  • The game is a complicated version of capturing the flag. 

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