does logitech keyboard have a power button? (SOLVED)

does logitech keyboard have a power button

If you are looking to buy a Logitech keyboard, you might want to know if a Logitech keyboard has a power button.

Some Logitech keyboards have a power button that lets the user turn their computer on or off, restart their computer, or put their computer in sleep mode. Since wireless keyboards have an independent power supply, wireless Logitech keyboards have a power button or switch for the keyboard itself.

I often sit far away from my computer when working at home, so having a Logitech keyboard with a power button really comes in handy. Instead of walking to my computer or using on-screen commands, I can just press or tap the keyboard’s power button to control my computer’s power.

Why Should I Use A Logitech Keyboard?

Logitech is one of the leading manufacturers of keyboards and has long been one of my preferred keyboard brands.

One of the first external keyboards I ever used was a wired Logitech keyboard, which I still have and occasionally use today.

Logitech keyboards and other devices have greatly advanced since I first started using their products.

You can now buy sleek wireless keyboards with fancy designs, materials, lighting, and functionality features.

Many Logitech keyboards also come with a mouse that is automatically configured to work with the keyboard through a single connection.

Logitech offers many keyboard styles to suit different uses and operating preferences.

Selecting the right keyboard can help to improve performance for specialized activities like gaming, accounting, transcription, and other recreational or work activities.

When I need a wide range of data entry options, I usually opt for a full-size keyboard with a standard numeric keypad on the right.

When I’m traveling and want to minimize the weight of items I’m carrying, I’ll usually opt for a more compact keyboard that can more easily fit in a backpack or small suitcase.

does logitech keyboard have a power button

What Logitech Keyboards Have A Power Button?

While many wired and wireless Logitech keyboards have a power button, not all of them have one.

A Logitech keyboard may or may not have a power button, depending on the specifications of a particular keyboard model.

In my experience, a power button is usually available on larger keyboards, but some more compact ones also have them.

Before buying a Logitech keyboard, you should look at the keyboard specifications on the box or in a store’s product listing to confirm whether or not the keyboard has a power button.

Since the power button on a keyboard can be valuable to its user, I wouldn’t be surprised if a wider variety of Logitech keyboards had power buttons in the future.

What Does A Power Button On A Logitech Keyboard Do?

One of the great things about Logitech keyboards is they can often do more than act as a typing device.

Some Logitech keyboards I’ve used could also control my computer’s volume, screen brightness, and other settings.

In some cases, my Logitech keyboard can do more than my factory desktop or laptop keyboard.The power button is one of the most helpful buttons I’ve used on Logitech keyboards.

The power button on an external keyboard works the same as on a computer’s factory keyboard. You can turn off the computer, restart it, or put it in sleep, standby, or hibernation mode.

When using a Logitech keyboard without a power button, it’s usually not a big deal to walk to my computer or use my mouse to shut my computer down.

However, I appreciate the convenience of having a power button when my keyboard has one.

When I’m sick or have pain in my legs, doing whatever I can without moving around as much can do wonders for my productivity.

The Power Button Or Switch For The Keyboard Itself

The power button on a Logitech keyboard should not be confused with the power button or switch for the keyboard itself.

Wireless Logitech keyboards tend to have a power button or switch on it to conserve the battery power when the keyboard isn’t in use.

Keyboards that use a Bluetooth dongle or have Bluetooth built into it generally have their own power supply.

Where Is The Power Button On A Logitech Keyboard?

The specific location and capabilities of a Logitech keyboard’s power button depends on the particular keyboard model.

The Logitech keyboards I’ve used often had a power button towards the top right of the keyboard.

The power button was usually either a standalone key or was combined with another key like a function key.

In most cases, the power button on my keyboard has a PC label with an IO symbol (an I inside an O).

does logitech keyboard have a power button

Your keyboard’s power button might show something such as an IO symbol by itself or a computer icon with the words On and Off next to it.

To see if your Logitech keyboard has a power button, you should look for a key with a power icon such as an I and O symbol.

The key might also have the words Power, PC, or On and Off on it or next to it.

Based on Logitech keyboards I’ve used, the power button is often towards the top right of the keyboard.

Keyboard designs are constantly evolving, so the power button on a newer or future Logitech keyboard might be located elsewhere.

A wireless keyboard’s power button or switch might be located on the keyboard’s top, bottom, or side.

A wired keyboard typically does not have a power button or switch to turn the keyboard on and off.

Wired Logitech keyboards usually don’t need batteries since they can get power from the computer when it is plugged into a port.

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Key Takeaways

  • Logitech keyboards are useful computer accessories for people wanting to type and control their computer settings from a distance.
  • Some Logitech keyboards have a power button to control a computer’s power settings, but not all Logitech keyboards have one.
  • Whether or not a Logitech keyboard has a power button depends on the keyboard model.
  • Wireless Logitech keyboards may have a power button or switch that can turn the keyboard itself on or off.

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