Where Is Scroll Lock On A Logitech Keyboard?

Where Is Scroll Lock On A Logitech Keyboard 1

You just bought a Logitech keyboard but don’t know how to initiate a scroll lock. Where is the scroll lock button of a Logitech keyboard?

Even though it is a holdover from a simpler time, the Scroll Lock key can be a nuisance if enabled while working on a spreadsheet. 

The ScrLk button can make navigating via the arrow keys almost impossible, so knowing how to shut it down is essential. In this article, we will look at the function of the mighty Scroll Lock Key and how to toggle it Off (or On) should you need it. 

Where Is Scroll Lock On A Logitech Keyboard?

Many Logitech keyboards have a scroll lock button installed directly above the number pad. To toggle the button off or on, simultaneously press the Fn button + Page Down button. You can also access it through the Start Menu > Type “On-Screen Keyboard” in the Search bar > Click on the “ScrLk” key.

What is a Scroll Lock Key?

In the days before a personal computer had a mouse, every function had to be initiated via the keyboard. Introduced in 1981 on IBM-styled keyboards, The Scroll Lock Key was a button placed in the upper right-hand corner just above the number pad. 

It was used in working with financial documents or spreadsheets in Excel primarily.

The button was designed to be a lock key, similar to Page Lock or Numbers Lock, so the arrow keys would move the page rather than the cursor, which moved line by line.

This function allows the user to browse through lots of text or financial areas so that the arrows move the screen more quickly. 

With the introduction of mice with scroll wheels to navigate larger areas, the application is rarely used today, and many keyboards do not even have the scroll lock button at all. 

Some applications do still have the luxury of the screen lock, and if you work with Excel or spend time editing or writing for the web, the ability to scroll is crucial. 

How Do I Toggle Off a Scroll Lock Button?

Where Is Scroll Lock On A Logitech Keyboard 1 1

If you have a keyboard with the old Scroll Lock button, you can toggle it off several ways. 

Using Keyboard Keys

If your keyboard has a Scroll Lock button, you can toggle it ON/OFF by pressing it. The button is usually located right above the number pad (or on the top row) next to the PrntScrn button. 

If your keyboard does not have a designated Scroll Lock Key – you can turn it on or off by pressing the FN + PgDwn key simultaneously.

(The PgDwn key is in the far upper right corner on keyboards like the Logitech K360). 

Using Windows 10 – 

Use the following steps to disable the Scroll lock key if your computer doesn’t have a Scroll Lock Key.

  • Click  on the START menu, and then open the SETTINGS menu (it is the small cogwheel). 
  • Click on Ease of Access and find the Keyboard tab.
  • Click the On Screen Keyboard button to turn it on.
  • When the on-screen keyboard appears on your screen, click the ScrLk button.
  • This will disable the function. 

Using Windows 8.1 

Use the following steps if your OS is Windows 8.1.

  • Click on the START menu and open the Charms Bar by hitting CTRL + C (The Charms Bar is a universal taskbar in Windows 8 OS). 
  • Click on Change PC Settings Menu
  • Select the EASE of Access, and then the Keyboard
  • Move the slider button on the On-Screen Keyboard
  • Click on the ScrLk button. 

For older Windows operating systems, see the helpful article at support.microsoft.com 

How Can I Tell if Scroll Lock is On While Working in Excel?

Where Is Scroll Lock On A Logitech Keyboard 2

There are a few ways to determine if ScrLk is on in Excel; we have them listed for you. Excel has a taskbar at the bottom of the program display screen. 

When Excel is active in any workbook, if ScrLk is On, you will see the words “Scroll Lock” appearing on the bottom left of the page. 

Remember that it is possible for Scroll Lock and other functions to be hidden from the display on the taskbar.  

Simply right-click on the status bar and look on the list until you come to Scroll Lock, if there is no check mark next to it, you can click on the words (toggle the function to display). 

This will ensure that the scroll lock displays on the bottom of the page in n Excel application. 

How Do I Turn Off the Scroll Lock on Other Keyboards?

You can use a few keyboard shortcuts if you are operating with a non-Logitech keyboard. 

Computer KeyboardKey Combination
Dell KeyboardFN + S
HP KeyboardsFN + C
Apple KeyboardsF14 + FN

How Do I Scroll on a Chromebook?

Many laptop users have Chromebooks, and they like having the ability to scroll down a page or to the end of those long terms and conditions treatises that companies often send. 

To scroll up or down, right-click (double click) on the touchpad, and with your other hand, place a finger on the touchpad and move in the direction you want. The screen should move in the direction of your finger swipe.

How Do I Remove Scroll Lock on a Mac?

The magic key is F14 + FN, assuming that your Apple keyboard has these keys  (Some newer Apple keyboards do not have them). 

Pressing these keys should toggle the function on and off. 

If there is no FN button on your keyboard, try the Shift + F14 button. (If that still doesn’t work, try the CRTL + F14, CMD +F14, or Option + F14). 

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Key Takeaways

  • Logitech keyboards have an ScrLk button on the keyboard above the number pad.
  • Scroll Lock enables the user to scroll down the page via keys rather than a scroll wheel on a mouse. 
  • To know if Scroll Lock is on, open Excel and see if it is listed on the bottom taskbar. 
  • On Apple keyboards, toggle the Scroll Lock by pressing the F14 + FN button. 
  • For Dell keyboards the shortcut is CTRL + S, for HP’s = CTRL + C.

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