How To Get Zoom On An ASUS Laptop (Solved!)

If you have an ASUS computer and want to make video calls, I can tell you if you can get Zoom on an ASUS laptop.

Can you get Zoom on an ASUS laptop?

You can get Zoom on an ASUS laptop if you can download and run the Zoom application or can load Zoom in a capable web browser. If Zoom does not work on the default version of Microsoft Edge, you can use an extension like User-Agent Switcher to make Zoom work with Edge.

Zoom is a powerful communication tool I use to connect with colleagues online at least once a month through my ASUS laptop. 

I’ll go over various ways you can get Zoom to work on an ASUS laptop, even if your computer has restrictive settings in place.

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How Do I Get Zoom To Work On My ASUS Laptop?

ASUS laptops come in many different shapes and sizes with a wide range of features and prices.

If you have an ASUS laptop computer that comes with a full version of Windows 10 or 11, you should be able to use the laptop normally with Zoom. You can either download the Zoom application or use Zoom in a web browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

Use The Zoom Application

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To access all the features in Zoom, you should download and install the Zoom application to your ASUS computer.

You will experience Zoom with its maximum capabilities and likely get optimal performance out of the platform.

If you are in a hurry to join a Zoom call, using the Zoom application may not be the best option for you since it may take some time to download and install.

The Zoom application will also take up storage space on your ASUS laptop’s drive.

Use Zoom In A Web Browser

If you don’t have the Zoom application installed on your ASUS laptop, the fastest way to use Zoom is through a web browser. You don’t have to download or install any applications when you use Zoom in a web browser.

You basically just need to click a meeting link or enter your meeting information to join a browser-based Zoom meeting.

Why Can’t I Get Zoom On An ASUS Laptop?

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Certain ASUS laptop models may be more difficult to use with Zoom, but you’ll typically be able to use Zoom with a few adjustments.

If your version of Windows 10 and Windows 11 is in S mode, you will be limited to using applications from the Microsoft Store and won’t be able to download the Zoom application.

Since you can only use the Microsoft Edge browser in S mode, you might not be able to use Zoom in a web browser either.

Zoom is known to have problems working in Microsoft Edge with the browser’s default settings, but you might be able to make Zoom work with a few adjustments. To make the Microsoft Edge web browser compatible with Zoom, you can add an extension to Edge called the User-Agent Switcher.

This extension can make Edge function as a Chrome web browser, which is compatible with Zoom.

Another option would be to upgrade your S mode version of Windows to a full version of Windows. Upgrading will allow you to use Zoom in a standard way through the Zoom application or through web browsers beyond Microsoft Edge.

You should keep in mind that the security and functionality benefits of using Windows in S mode will no longer be available after you upgrade.

Though you can switch back and forth between certain versions of Windows, you cannot revert back to Windows S mode after you upgrade to a full version of Windows.

If your Windows computer has minimal storage space, low amounts of RAM, and weak security software, it may be vulnerable to malware and poor performance if S mode is removed.

Windows S mode helps to limit the amount of storage space your computer uses and make more efficient use of your computer’s RAM. When your computer is in S mode, your computer may be less vulnerable to malware since you can only download and run applications from the Microsoft Store.

Applications available in the Microsoft Store go through a thorough vetting process to help ensure the applications run smoothly and are free of viruses.

If you would like to use Zoom with Windows S mode, follow the instructions below.

  • Open the Microsoft Edge web browser.
  • Go to Extensions at the right of the address bar or navigate to it from the Settings menu.
  • Go to Microsoft Edge Add-ons.
  • Search for the User-Agent Switcher and click Get to add it to your Edge browser.
  • Once you see the User-Agent Switcher icon at the top of your Edge browser, click the icon and select the Chrome option.
  • Go to the Zoom website in your Edge browser and use Zoom as you would in the Chrome browser.

The User-Agent Switcher extension allows Edge to work like Chrome and lets users access browser-based services like Zoom that would otherwise not work in Edge.

Without using User-Agent Switcher or a similar extension with Microsoft Edge, some features in Zoom might work, but certain features like audio might not work. Not having audio in a Zoom call would make using Zoom pointless for many users.

Since Zoom is used for video calls, your ASUS laptop will need to have a working camera, microphone, and speakers or headphones.

If your ASUS laptop doesn’t have a built-in camera, microphone, or speakers that are working, you can connect external devices to be used with Zoom.

If the quality of any of your built-in devices are not particularly good, it might even be better to use external devices to upgrade the video and audio quality of your Zoom calls.

Key Takeaways

Get Zoom On An ASUS Laptop 3
  • Zoom is a powerful communication tool you can use on an ASUS laptop if you can access the Zoom application or load the browser-based version of Zoom in a web browser.
  • If your ASUS laptop is in S mode, you may not be able to download and use the Zoom application or a web browser that is natively compatible with Zoom.
  • To get Zoom on an ASUS laptop while in S mode, you can use an Edge extension like User-Agent Switcher to use Edge as Chrome and make Zoom load in your web browser.

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