Do MSI Laptops Have A Microphone? Answered!

The company sent you a brand new MSI laptop you need for work, but you want to ensure the microphone works. Do MSI laptops even have built-in microphones?

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Do MSI Laptops Come With A Microphone?

Many laptops, including MSI laptops, have built-in microphones. Generally, the microphone is embedded with or next to the standard webcam, although some microphones are found in the middle/top of the keyboard. The mic works in conjunction with the Sound Menu and can be controlled via the Audio Mixer.

Thanks to a global pandemic and the migration of employees toward work at home, laptops are becoming essential to everyone’s work and home environments. Webcams, video conferencing apps, and zoom calls are now standard. 

More and more of us are learning how to get the most out of our PCs, including webcams and microphone setups. It is important to know the ins and outs of microphones so that you can be as successful as your passion for your career allows you to be. 

Where is the Built-in Microphone Located?

Most laptops have integrated microphones that work in conjunction with the webcams that built into the computer.

They are often found at the top of the display, on either side of the camera (look for the small round hole in the top center of the trim). Occasionally, some laptops have the microphone at the top right portion of the keyboard or near the hinges. 

How Do I Check to Ensure that the Microphone is Working?

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In order to test whether your microphone is working correctly, simply follow the following steps. 

  • Open the Windows Start Menu and click on the Settings Icon
  • Under Settings, click on Sound.
  • In Sound settings, click on Input and you will see a Test Your Microphone button. 
  • Click on it, and watch the blue bars rise or fall, as if you were looking at a sound mixer, as you speak. 

Can I Adjust the Volume of my Microphone?

Yes, it is easy to adjust the mic volume. In fact, many times the reason some laptop owners think their mic is broken is simply because it is on a mute setting. 

Simply go to the Sound Menu and verify that the mute button isn’t engaged or that the volume isn’t set to the lowest level. If needed, increase the level of your call volume and media volume to see if that helps. 

Some laptops do not come out of the box with the webcam or mic enabled, so you might have to go to your Settings or Sound menu to ensure that they are being registered as active on your computer. 

What if the Mic Works but is Muted by Windows?

This means that there is a problem with Windows recognizing the microphone automatically. This is also an easy fix. Simply click on the audio icon on the bottom right of your display screen. 

On the audio icon find Open Volume Mixer and unclick the muted column. 

Test to see if that didn’t solve the issue. 

My Company Uses an App that isn’t Recognizing my Mic.

Sometimes apps like Skype, Slack, Microsoft Teams and other sites need to have permission from Windows to use your microphone.  You can enable permissions by simply clicking on a button in Windows. Make sure that all updates for your OS have been performed and are up to date. 

Windows 11

If you are using Windows 11, then the pathway is as follows. 

Click on the Start Menu > Settings > Privacy and Security > Microphone. Ensure that the Microphone Access is enabled.

Click on the Let Apps Have Access toggle switch is on and this allows you to choose which applications have permission to use your mic. 

Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10, the routine is similar.

Click on the Start Menu > Settings > Privacy > Select Change > Allow Apps To Access Microphone. Ensure that the Allow Desktop Apps

To Access Microphone is toggled to ON.

How Do I Turn Off the Mic and Web Cam on My Laptop?

In Windows, the easiest way to disable a built-in mic and webcam is through the following function buttons. 

  • CNTRL + e = turns on or off the web camera
  • CNTRL + d = mutes or unmutes the microphone. 

You can also disable the mic and webcam through the Settings menu in Windows. 

Can a Microphone Be Hacked by Someone? 

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Unfortunately, it is possible for an outside hacker to gain access to your camera and microphone. While many companies have programs in place to guard against intrusions by unwanted thieves, many people who work from home are not as aware of these issues. 

If a hacker gains access to your webcam and mic, then they can record meetings, discover plans and projects and use any private information that they might glean. Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself.  

Be Vigilant about Your Computer Camera and Mic

If you notice that the camera is moving without your input or focusing, this can be a sign that a hacker may have installed malware on your laptop. 

If you notice an app that you did not remember installing, or giving permission to, then remove that app from the permission list, and run a virus scan to see if anything turns up. 

Secondary malware sites like can be valuable tools to keep people from invading your privacy.

(It is always a good idea to run malware scanning tools in safe mode – a hackers software program that they may have installed will not run in safe mode and this makes their detection easier for the virus scan to detect).

Unplug any External Hardware

If you are using an external microphone or web camera rather than the integrated one on your laptop, simply unplug the units when they are not in use. There is no hacker anywhere who can gain access to a camera or mic that is not being powered by your computer. 

Key Takeaways

  • Most laptops have integrated microphones built into the unit
  • Mics can be near the webcam or on the top of the keyboard.
  • Microphones can be muted by a laptop settings and manually adjusted by the user.
  • Microphones and Webcams can be hacked and users should be vigilant about protecting their privacy. 

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