Do I Need To Charge MacBook Pro Before First Use?

If you have recently purchased a new Macbook pro then you are probably ready to use it immediately. However, you might be wondering if you need to charge it first. 

Most of the time, a new Macbook pro will come charged, but it is a good idea to check the amount of battery life when you pull it out of the box and then charge if necessary, which can be done while using it.

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Charge MacBook Pro Before First Use

What Should I Do When I First Get A Macbook Pro?

When you first receive your new Macbook pro there are a few things that you should immediately do in order to get your new laptop set up properly and functioning best for you. 

Set Up Your Apple ID

This may be your first Macbook pro or you may have owned one previously. If this is your first Macbook, but you have had an iPhone or iPad then you likely have an Apple ID.

The computer will prompt you to set this up immediately and once you have it set up you will not have to do it again in the future. Your Apple ID will allow you to use iCloud, the app store, messages, and much more. 

Utilize Time Machine

Time machine is a program on your Macbook pro that will automatically backup the computer. This is ideal in the event something happens and your computer crashes at any point. It will also make things easy if you purchase another Macbook in the future because you can utilize Time Machine to migrate the old information to your new computer. 

Time machine will back your computer up every hour for the prior 24 hours, daily backups for the last month, and then weekly backups for several previous months. This will allow you several options should you ever need to backup your computer. 

Set Up Email

Instead of having to go to your internet browser and access your email that way, you can use the mail app on your Macbook to immediately access your email.

If you have multiple email accounts, you can still set them up through the mail app and it will allow you to connect important information from your emails to your calendar, contacts, and maps. 

Charge MacBook Pro Before First Use

Customize Your Dock

If you are unfamiliar with it, the dock on your Macbook is the small row of icons at the bottom of your screen. You have the ability to change the size and the specific icons that show up in the dock.

It can be helpful to have icons for programs and apps that you use on a regular basis so you can quickly access them. If you don’t want certain apps in the dock you can right click, select “Options,” and then “Remove From Dock.” This will make your Macbook pro more personalized to you. 

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time when using your Macbook pro. There are plenty of shortcuts for everyday tasks such as copy, paste, print, and the ability to access apps on your Macbook through shortcuts as well. 

Do I Need to Charge My Macbook Pro Before First Use?

When you first open up the box and turn on your new Macbook pro, you will want to check your battery life. Most Macbooks will come with a full charge or close to it. However, if the computer has been sitting at the store for a while, there is a chance the battery life may have gone down slightly. 

There is no harm in using your Macbook without fully charging it first. It is solely personal preference and if you want to charge it prior to using it, you can. However, because Macbook pros come with a lithium battery, you can also plug it in to charge while you are using it so you do not have to wait for it to charge prior to using the computer. 

Charge MacBook Pro Before First Use

How Long Does A Macbook Pro Stay Charged?

The length of time that a Macbook pro will stay charged is going to vary depending on the exact model of Macbook pro that you own.

Many new Macbook pro laptops will stay charged for anywhere from 10-17 hours. Apple states that the batteries will last 1,000 cycle counts. A cycle is considered when you use your computer’s battery and then fully charge it. However, there are several factors that go into how long your Macbook pro battery will last. 

One of the first things you can do to improve how long your Macbook pro will stay charged is to monitor how many programs launch when you first turn on your computer. This process takes battery power.

If you notice that several programs are launching when you first power up your Macbook pro then you can adjust the launch agents in order to prevent some of these programs from immediately launching. 

Turning off unused applications will also help to save battery power. As with an iPhone, if you have several applications running at the same time in the background on your computer, it is going to use quite a bit of battery life and prevent you from being able to utilize the full battery life.  

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Key Takeaways

  • You do not need to fully charge a Macbook pro prior to using. 
  • A brand new Macbook pro should come with a full or close to full battery charge.
  • Your Macbook pro can be charged while using it due to it having a lithium battery. 
  • There are helpful items you can set up when first using your Macbook pro to make it more personalized for you including setting up your Apple ID, mail, customizing your dock, and utilizing Time Machine. 

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