What Comes In The MacBook Pro Accessory Kit?

Apple includes some essential accessories with every MacBook Pro purchase, but many customers are wondering what comes in the accessory kit.

What Comes In The MacBook Pro Accessory Kit 1

The MacBook Pro accessory kit includes the following items:

  • AC Power Adapter
  • Charging Cable
  • Microfiber Cloth 

After extensively researching Apple products and troubleshooting forums, I have gathered enough information to determine which accessories come with the MacBook Pro. 

My research has indicated that the accessories included with a MacBook Pro can change depending on the model year that the laptop was released.

What Accessories Come With the MacBook Pro?

Apple has built a reputation for releasing world-class tech devices, and the MacBook Pro is arguably the best laptop on the market

The first MacBook was launched in 2006 and the performance of this game-changing laptop has rapidly improved with every new release. 

Apple has also re-designed a lot of the accessories for the MacBook Pro, which they include with your purchase when you buy the device. These are the accessories that come with a MacBook Pro. 

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AC Power Adapter 

Every MacBook Pro comes with an official Apple AC power adapter. This is an essential accessory that you need to charge your MacBook Pro, which is why Apple includes it as a stock accessory with every product purchase. 

You can plug the AC adapter, often called a power adapter, into a wall outlet to deliver power to your MacBook Pro. Once the AC adapter is plugged in, it will convert the electricity from the power source to a stable amount suitable for the MacBook. 

One of the most important functions of the MacBook Pro’s AC adapter is to not only supply your laptop with power but to regulate the current.

A device being charged with a cable not connected to an AC adapter can be overloaded with power, which can damage the components. 

The AC adapter converts the alternating current (AC) from the power source to a direct current (DC). Apple has designed the MacBook to perform optimally under the right conditions – including proper power delivery. 

Overloading your laptop with an unstable power source can result in unnecessary damage, which is why you should always use the AC power adapter that came with your MacBook when charging.

With that said, depending on the MacBook Pro that you bought, you may have one of the following AC adapters included in your purchase:

  • 67 Watt USB-C Power Adapter – 13-inch MacBook Pro
  • 96 Watt USB-C Power Adapter – 14-inch MacBook Pro
  • 140 Watt USB-C Power Adapter – 16-inch MacBook Pro

Charging Cable 

What Comes In The MacBook Pro Accessory Kit 2

Your AC power adapter is not going to do your MacBook Pro any good if you don’t have a charging cable. That is why Apple includes a charging cable designed for the MacBook Pro with every purchase. 

The type of charger that comes with a MacBook Pro has changed quite a bit over the years. 

Apple is notorious for upgrading and updating its accessories, and the tech company’s charging cables have been under fire recently. 

With new government regulations pushing for universal accessories that fit future devices, Apple has been forced to adopt UBC-C, as a primary charging cable for a lot of its products. 

After Micro USB was made redundant, USB-C became the new standard for virtually all modern-age devices – including the MacBook Pro. The current MacBook Pro model comes with one of the following charging cables:

  • USB-C Charge Cable – 13-inch MacBook Pro
  • USB-C to MagSafe 3 Cable – 14-inch MacBook Pro

Microfiber Cloth 

The last item included in the MacBook Pro’s accessory kit is a microfiber cloth. Nothing fancy or pretentious, just a cloth to safely wipe your MacBook Pro’s screen. 

While this is an easy item to disregard when you unbox your MacBook Pro, Apple included this accessory with the device for a reason.

The MacBook Pro has a superior-quality display that is made out of glass. 

Although Apple’s laptops are not overly fragile, they are certainly not indestructible. The MacBook Pro’s glass display can easily get scratched if you do not clean it properly.

Many Apple customers have reported scratches on their displays after cleaning them with a standard cloth.

Given that the current MacBook Pro costs thousands of dollars, it would be wise to handle the device with care. The Microfiber cloth is the only thing that should be making contact with your MacBook Pro’s display.

Are MacBook Pro Accessories Compatible with Other Apple Devices?

This can be a tough question to answer, given how frequently Apple updates the accessories that come with the MacBook Pro. 

In the past, MacBook Pro accessories could not be used with other devices. The charging cable was designed specifically for the MacBook Pro, which would make it incompatible with any other Apple device such as the iPhone.

With that said, given that Apple has begun using USB-C for the majority of its devices, MacBook Pro accessories have become much more dynamic and practical.

The current MacBook Pro’s accessories can be used with other Apple devices, such as:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Apple Watch
  • Air Pods

Naturally, you should always confirm that the Apple device you want to charge is USB-C compatible, as this is a relatively recent update in the company’s accessories. So long as you are using a modern-era Apple device, it should be compatible with the MacBook Pro’s accessories.

Best Accessories for the MacBook Pro

Apple only includes essential accessories with the MacBook Pro. While this may be all that you need to use the device, many MacBook Pro customers feel that buying additional accessories makes the laptop much more practical.

These are the best accessories for the MacBook Pro:

Key Takeaways 

What Comes In The MacBook Pro Accessory Kit 1 1
  • The MacBook Pro accessory kit includes an AC power adapter, charging cable, and microfiber cloth.
  • Given that Apple has adopted USB-C as a primary charging cable, the MacBook Pro’s accessories are now compatible with other Apple devices.
  • To improve the capabilities of the MacBook Pro, Apple has designed a series of additional accessories to enhance the user experience and the device’s performance.

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