Why Does My Acer Laptop Turn Off When I Plug it in?

We are in the last moments of our work assignment. Then the worst happens, our Acer laptop shuts down without warning, even though it’s plugged in.

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Why Does My Acer Laptop Turn Off When I Plug it in?

You may notice your Acer laptop shuts down when plugged in due to a power adapter fault, improper functioning power outlets, or due to possible battery problems. Also, malfunctioning motherboards, HDD, RAM, or SSD may lead to your Acer laptop shutdown.

Several things can make your laptop shut despite plugging it in. It can be frustrating when you don’t know the cause.

Often these challenges can result from the power supply sources, including battery settings, charging power cables, or the laptop socket. And also malware and insufficient cooling.

Unfunctional Power Source Outlets

Maybe your laptop shutting down isn’t a big deal. But it’s a minor power supply fault and hence no power to charge your low-battery laptop. A faulty power source may result from general wear and tear, poor connection, or tripped circuit breaker.

Malfunctioning Power Adapter

The laptop charger/ adapter supplies power from the power source to the laptop battery. If it’s in bad condition, it won’t charge your low battery as it hinders normal power flow.

Faulty power adapters may result from overheating charging blocks, incorrect models, and aging. You must check your Acer laptop model number and use the correct power adapter to avoid this.

Defective Battery

Normally laptop battery life degrades over time. And sometimes, it may lead to serious problems, like charging failure, overheating, or computer crashing.

In case of any defects, remove the battery immediately to avoid further problems. You can read this article to check if you can use your Acer battery while charging without causing any harm.


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Several computers have built-in thermal protection machines to protect from overheating dangers. Once your laptop starts to overheat, it automatically shuts down the system. And, you have to wait for it to cool down first to power back.

Power problems are common with old laptops with a poor cooling system. But, if you have a new laptop, keep its cooling vents from dirt and residues to avoid similar problems. More so if you use it on a bed, pillow, or a fluffy surface.

Finally, keeping your laptop on a flat surface is always good to allow air circulation. And avoid blocking the cooling vents.

Software and Hardware Disagreement

Adding new hardware may result in a conflict, especially if the laptop was okay before the addition. Also, it can happen due to a faulty Windows update that disagrees with the hardware.

Sometimes you may get an error notification before it goes off. But unfortunately, you don’t get a chance for anything.


If your Acer laptop has a malware infestation, it can crash or shut down anytime. You will experience this if your laptop doesn’t have antivirus software.

What to do if Your Acer Laptop Shuts When Plugged in

Sometimes you may not know the major causes of the laptop shutting down. But try the tips below and see if your Acer laptop turns on.

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Check that the Charger is Well Connected

Ensure your charger is well connected to the ac power source. Then switch the power button on. Also, confirm that the power socket and the laptop charging port are plugged in correctly.

If your Acer laptop doesn’t turn on, you can test with another device, like a Toshiba laptop. You can also test with your phone charger. Unplug the laptop charger and plug in another device.

Confirm if There is Power from the Power Outlet

It’s important to confirm if the power outlet is working normally. You can test with a different charger or device from the same outlet to see if the same problem persists.

In case of a broken circuit, you can fix that to solve the problem and plug back your laptop.

Adjust your Acer Windows Laptop Power Settings

Please follow the following steps to set up sleep mode for your Windows 10 laptop’s advanced power settings.

  • Go to start,
  • Choose settings,
  • Select system, power, and then sleep.
  • On the screen option, choose how long your device will wait before the screen goes off when not in use.
  • Then select sleep to set how long your laptop will wait before going to sleep mode when idle.
  • Also, you can follow the steps above for Windows 11.

Check your Laptop Battery Health

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Your battery status is equally important. Some batteries wear out very fast and need replacement. To check the battery status;

  • Remove the battery and drain the residual power from the laptop.
  • To do this, press the power button and wait for about 15 seconds.
  • Then plug in your computer and turn it on.
  • If it powers and the screen lights, it indicates the adapter and machine are in good condition.
  • To confirm the issue, re-install the battery and restart. Suppose it fails to power on; consider getting another battery.

How to Set a Battery Icon on a Windows PC?

A battery icon is useful for monitoring your laptop’s battery life. Also, you can use the icon to set your preferred battery mode without going to the device manager. Please follow the steps below to show the icon on the taskbar.

  • Right-click a space on the taskbar
  • Choose taskbar settings
  • Select turn on system icons on and off under the notification bar
  • Then toggle the power button to green to change its current plan
  • Hopefully, your Windows 10 Acer laptop battery icon is visible on the taskbar.

Key Takeaways

  • My Acer laptop turns off when I plug it in due to power settings and a faulty power adapter.
  • Use the correct charger for your laptop model. And plug into the right port.
  • Check for proper physical cable functioning.
  • Overloading my acer aspire laptop can cause battery draining and turn off.

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